Current Happenings

Friday, August 15, 2008


Ok, so yesterday was NOT a good food day. It was pretty awful, if I'm honest. I didn't eat the amount of junk that I used to, but I still went nuts with the food. Quite frankly, I felt that I had to eat, and was never satisfied. I don't know what was going on, but I was drawn to really rich foods. It wasn't that my quantity of food was horrible, but the quality was severely lacking.

I think that one of the things that set me off yesterday was that the scale was reading higher when I stepped on it first thing that morning. Yeah, it read two pounds heavier, and I hadn't done a thing. Now that I think about it, I probably just needed to drink some more water. But, it made me grumpy, and that didn't help anything. Still, for as sad as that made me, I seriously don't believe that I was eating my emotions along with my Kit-Kat Blizzard (at least it was a small). It makes me wonder what is going on with me... and I'm praying that I get my period on time this month. Let's just hope that this is a freaky day and nothing more.

I am feeling better today. Nothing has really changed, but I feel better anyway. My weight didn't go up with all of the fluff that I ate. It stayed on 224, which is what it read when I stepped on yesterday morning. Maybe a little portion of that has expanded my fat cells, while the other 1.5 pounds is water. I don't know. To be honest, I'm not really caring today. Instead, I'm just focusing on my fluids.

For the first few hours of today, I'm not going to eat. Instead, I am going to enjoy a variety of yummy liquids to ease any dehydration that I'm experiencing. Once I know that I am properly hydrated, then I will start trusting my sense of hunger again. That should go a long way toward helping me to feel better and eat the right portions of foods.

I didn't visit the gym last night because my husband got stuck in some horrible traffic and didn't get home until very late. So, I wanted to spend some time with him more than I wanted to sweat at the gym. It can be sad to only see my best friend for an hour, and then have to wait another whole day for him to be at home with me again. So, I chose him instead.

Since I didn't get to the gym, I'm going to do some heavier housework today, and then maybe go to the gym when my husband gets home. It's usually crazy in there on Fridays, but I'll survive. Sis won't be there, because she says that she won't go on a Friday. I need to get used to exercising without her anyway though, since I don't believe she plans on renewing her membership at the gym. Anywho, I need to mow the grass today, straighten up our school room, and possibly lift some weights if I have any strength left after moving furniture. Oh, and I want to walk to our little market and see if they have my turkey bratwurst today. They are the only place that I've found the little brats, and I have them instead of hotdogs. They are even fewer calories than a hotdog, with a much better taste. They are even bigger and more filling, all for 120 calories. Instead of a hotdog bun, I just use a slice of my light bread, which gives me more fiber anyway. It doesn't hurt that the walk to the market and back is just over a mile.