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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 11 Weigh-In

Hey, there was no weigh-in. :)
I happened to be on vacation during my week 11 weigh-in, and I declared that time a vacation from standing on the scale. Quite frankly, I didn't want that week to be dominated by thoughts of food, as I wanted to be focused on spending time with my family. I know that I put on a small amount of weight while I was down there, but I'm not surprised. My grandma cooks good food, and I wasn't going to turn my nose up at any of her meals. So, I happily ate my fried chicken, biscuits, potato salad, and baked beans. I tried not to overeat, and I swam in the pool for a couple hours every day. Whether my next weigh-in shows a gain or not, I don't really care. I can take care of that now that I am back in my own environment and cooking my own food. I am just thankful and happy to have been able to spend such a great time with my family. I miss them very much, and we've only been back home for 2 days.

In the meantime, I am drinking a ton of water and being careful about what I eat. I will weigh in as usual on Tuesday morning, and I'll see where I stand. I was able to get to the grocery store today, so now I have lots of great food to eat. I may do some light exercises tomorrow, but my housework should keep me pretty busy during the day. I might cut the grass for some cardio exercise. *laughs* On Tuesday evening though, I'm going to head in early and really get in a bum-kickin' workout session. I do still have that wedding at the end of the month, and I'd like to look as nice as possible. Goodness, maybe I'll even spring for some contacts before then, so I can wear makeup that folks can notice.