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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 7 Weigh-In

Wow, it is hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for almost two months now! Anyway, I stepped on the scale this morning, and I see that I have lost 1 lb. since I weighed in last week. It was a little disappointing to see such a small loss, since I’ve been working so hard. On the other hand, I have been working really hard. What I’m not seeing on the scale, I’m seeing in the mirror and feeling when I poke and prod my body parts. Today, I noticed that some of my hangy skin isn’t quite so hangy. I also noticed that I have biceps, and that they would be pretty darned sexy if they weren’t disguised by my loose arm fat that waves on the bottom. *chuckles* One day at a time though. One day at a time.

Today was also our first day of lifting weights, though we didn’t do much. Sis hurt herself somehow. She believes that she messed up her back/shoulder while carrying around her little Ladybug. So, she just did a wee bit on the bench-press machine. I was able to do three sets of 12. By the time that I was on my last set, I think I was up to 5 plates on the machine. It’s too bad that I have no idea how heavy the plates are. *grumpy eyebrows* That is one of the big reasons why I love free weights. However, hurting Sis would not made a very good spotter. Once I came home, I did a little bench press in the basement, lifting 50 lbs. on the bar.

Yup, we didn’t have a weight bench when I left the house. DH decided that he needed to build one. He did a good job! That will help me a whole lot. Of course, he will enjoy using it too. :)