Current Happenings

Monday, August 11, 2008


I had been just a little concerned about how my weight loss was going, since I indulged in some decidedly not-going-to-make-me-thinner foods while on vacation. I didn't feel bad about eating them, because I would gladly put on 10 pounds in a week if it meant making my grandma feel good. She worked so hard to cook, especially considering her Rheumatoid Arthritis, I would have eaten sawdust if she had put it on a plate.

There was a bit of happiness going on in the bathroom this morning though, when I stepped on the scale. I am back to my pre-vacation weight! I just got back on Saturday, so I tend to think that that was a quick recovery. Now I am ready to get down to the business at hand- trying on dresses and getting in good enough shape to look nice in one of them. The more that I look at the calendar, the more certain I am that I will be wearing the dark green dress to the wedding. It is more forgiving. My endeavor to wear the pale green dress was all fine and dandy, but maybe just a little too ambitious. Quite frankly, there is only so much weight that a gal can lose in a healthy matter within a short time. If I had started out by crash dieting and working myself like crazy, maybe I would have gotten small enough. However, that just sounded like a horrid idea. I'm glad that it sounded terrible. After having starved myself to lose weight before, it seemed like a much better idea to be kind to me, taking things slower and letting people just deal with having to look at my squishiness. After all, what does anyone else's opinion matter anyway?? Really. So long as I can feel healthy, beautiful, even sexy- what does it matter what other people think when they look at me? The best part is that the more beautiful I feel, the more beautiful my husband seems to see me as. I bet it is all of that self confidence and inner vixen that gets him. *laughs*

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day, and I look forward to seeing what the scale has to say. If it even just stays the same, I will be very happy. I won't give it reason to go up today. I will be diligent about my water, and I will indulge myself in a variety of healthy foods. I even have some animal crackers all weighed and individually packaged for later on tonight. Nothing makes for a better "on plan" day than a little preparation!