Current Happenings

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I had very little to eat during the day, simply because I was so busy with teaching Pumpkin and then sitting down to correct her papers and get everything recorded on the computer. So, I think that maybe my stomach wasn't quite willing to handle what I ate at a family birthday party.

Now, I didn't eat anything particularly bad or anything. I had just a few tortilla chips with salsa, maybe 5 or so. Then I made a steak fajita with green pepper, onion, and a small amount of cheese and sour cream. But, what got me was dessert. DH's aunt brought some yummy looking brownies, and I figured that I would have one. Well, that brownie is still kicking me. It was very rich, and it made a mess of my guts real fast. Though I was worried about it's effect, I did begin drinking my water again once I got home, because I feared that I might become dehydrated. It's a quarter after eleven, and I am thankful that my insides are feeling better, and not feeling so much like they want to be my outsides.

Well, that should teach me a good lesson about being careful with those kinds of foods after eating pretty clean for a while. There is nothing appealing about a beautiful and yummy brownie that makes me awfully sick feeling. I'll just have to stick to my animal crackers for a while. They are just mildly sweet, and I don't feel like my head will pop off because I eat them.