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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ill-fitting Clothes

Being soft has... made me soft. *laughs* I've come to realize that I don't like being uncomfortable, and some of these jeans make me feel that way. Dresses seem to be much more forgiving when it comes to losing weight and not looking slovenly. I still carry most of my weight through my hips and lower abdomen, so pants are hard to wear if they are not cut just right. Some of the jeans that I have simply curve to the waist at the wrong slope for my curvy hips, and have a rather high waist. This means that I am fine when I stand and walk, but that my pants try to bisect me when I sit. They just do not move well with me.

To help me through this odd time, I've invested in more hose. I hope that no one in my family thinks that I am trying to put on airs or thinks that my weight loss has gone to my head. I don't dress up as a way of thumbing my nose as their jeans and t-shirts. I just don't have clothes that fit well. I'd rather have someone look at me and smile at me for looking nice than to have any passing stranger giggle or sneer at me because my pants are falling off, or because I'm being squished into an unflattering blob by clothing.

Since my sister wants to go to the thrift store this evening, I am going to go with her. I am going to be looking for a nice blouse or two, a couple pretty scarves, and maybe a skirt suit or two. I never know what I'll see at the thrift store, so I may not come home with anything. I'll see how dire my need is, once I pull all of my summer clothing out of the closet. Things are pretty lean since I got rid of all the clothes that were in disrepair or were of a size I could not wear. (Who wants to keep BIG clothes to grow into? Not I.)