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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pants Drawer

I went poking through my pants drawer today, to see if anything will fit. I have a pair of jeans that I've been wearing, but they are starting to really sag in some funky places right now. I can still keep them on, but that won't last too much longer.

It looks that right now, I have two pair of jeans from my drawer that I can wear. Neither one of them are particularly comfortable, but it isn't because they don't fit. I think that I have gotten so used to wearing dresses and low-rise dress slacks that these old jeans just don't fit in a comfortable way. With cooler weather coming, I almost wonder if I wouldn't be better off buying a couple pair of soft yoga-style pants with an adjustable waist. It is just so awkward to be in different clothes than I am used to. I like soft things these days, and the denim just isn't soft. I have a softer pair of denim jeans, but they are smaller. I can't wear those yet. I need to figure something out though, because I have limited time with my droopy jeans... and my favorite slacks are about to fall right off. They have those little slide closures with a couple of little buttons on the inside of the band. If I'm not careful to keep them at least a little snug, the closures come undone. Who wants to walk around with their pants coming undone in public? Plus, as they sag more, I am tripping on the bottoms of my pants. Maybe I will check the clearance items at DOTS to try and find another pair of slacks at a decent price. I just hate to spend money on pants that I won't wear for long. It makes me wish that it were easier to find comfortable slacks in my size at the thrift store. I should probably make a more focused effort to look for some.