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Friday, September 12, 2008

Pushing The Reset Button

Now that I've reached a 30 lb. loss, I am pushing the "reset" button on my goals. I think that starting back at "0" helps me to see each pound as incredibly important. I am hoping that it will stoke my excitement over losing weight to a hotter intensity. I have grown a little lukewarm over the past couple of weeks, with the addition of stress and the subtraction of exercise time.

One positive to resetting my ticker is that 20 lbs. seems easier to reach than a 50 lb. loss. I just think that I've already lost more than 20, so I believe that I can attain that kind of goal. Just looking at a '50' though, it intimidates and embarrasses me. What is worse? To me, it is worse to look at that number and know that for as large as it is, I'm not done when I get there. So, I'll treat my total amount of weight to lose like an elephant that I plan to eat. I'll work on it one step at a time.