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Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18, 2008

I have been doing very well for the past couple of days. I am happy to say that the little weight that I gained from eating that fast food, it's gone. I've even lost 1/2 lb. over that, primarily from eating more vegetables during my day. Yesterday, I had cauliflower as a part of breakfast, and cooked broccoli with my lunch. Being full of vegetables makes it easier to not eat junk food just because I allowed myself to get too hungry.

That's not to say that I haven't had snacks! I love my snacks. I adjusted my food choices yesterday so I could have a Carribou Coffee bar with my lunch yesterday. I really like the mocha and the mint flavors. Later on in the evening, I even had a few vanilla wafers with my vanilla yogurt. I know that some people act as though all "junk" is off-limits while "dieting", but I can't live like that. Being in denial of my sweet tooth just means that I am more likely to go nuts and gain back a ton of weight because I really want a twinkie or something.

While I have my sweet snacks, I do try to limit the kinds of things that I snack on. If I eat any snack cakes, I'm in trouble. They make me feel sick, but then cause cravings like mad. I try to avoid them. Instead, I'll eat a little dry cereal, animal crackers, yogurt, or 60 calorie Hershey's sticks if I need a sweet.

If there is one tool that I am most happy to have, it is my food scale. My husband bought me a nice digital scale, and I use it every day. I weigh just about everything, so I am able to control my portions easily. The more often I get used to seeing how much a serving looks like, the easier it is to do without any tools. I don't go without my scale very often, but I certainly can't take it with me to a diner or to a family cookout.

I am really excited to see my new ticker move, even if it is just a little bit. By the time that I reach the end of that little bar, I will be so much closer to my "happy weight". I will still be classified as "overweight" by my BMI, but that is alright. Wherever I feel happy and start maintaining, that will be my "normal weight". I'm glad to be one little step closer to it.