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Friday, October 24, 2008

Absolutely Nuts!

Oh, I was so close to my goal! Now I am a little bit further from it. *sigh* Two pounds.

I've been going to the gym every night this week, and I've been kicking my bum all over the place. I've been setting the "fat burn" program on the treadmill, and asking it to keep my heart rate between 145 - 150. From what I've read, 50-85% of my maximum heart rate puts me at 95-162. So, when I'm huffing my way around at 150 bpm, I'm working at the higher end of my range. At the beginning of the week, this was markedly more difficult than it was last night. I think that my body is already adapting to the harder work. Goodness, I would have had to tie myself to a chair to stay home from the gym last night, because I CRAVED that feeling that comes with working hard and sweating like a beast.

On the flip side, all of the cardio and weight training has brought out a monster in me. When I came home last night, I wanted to eat everything in sight. I think that I very well may have. Seriously though, my problem is primarily with peanuts. I LOVE peanuts. This is the main reason why I shouldn't buy them. They are so calorically dense that I can put myself in a really bad spot if I'm not careful. Yesterday, I wasn't very careful.

All in all, instead of losing weight this week, I've put a little on. I can't be *too* upset at the moment, because I also know that the treadmill hiking and the weights are having some wonderful effects on my body. My thighs and hips are looking more toned, and it helps me feel a bit sexier. My shoulders and back are looking more sleek. Now, if only there was an exercise that I could do to put the girls back up where I want them. *laughs* Oh well. Have I mentioned that my bottom is looking nicer?

I think that the reason why good exercise is showing on my body more readily is simply because I've lost some of the fat that hides the muscles that I have. No one ever expects a big girl to be truly strong, because all they see is jiggly fat. I do have big, strong muscles under my squishiness. Now they are better able to be seen!

If there is one complaint that I have about seeing muscles, it is that they seem to make my fat even worse. That sounds funny. For instance, the muscles in my arms are becoming more and more defined... which makes my floppy upper-arm flab really wave like a flag. Instead of just having big arms, I have muscle and deflated floppy flab. I know that it is good to have the fat melting off, and I know that my arms haven't ever been so big that my skin can't tighten up. I just want to blow raspberries at the floppy flab, because it isn't very pretty. It should go away. However, if I want it to go away, I need to stop eating the crud.

Over the weekend, I'm going to concentrate primarily on my eating. I am going to make a huge effort to hydrate properly, eat lean meats and vegetables, and avoid the proccessed stuff. Since I don't go to the gym on Mondays, that will give me four days of clean eating to help me drop some of the silly peanut weight (ok, and other foods. ). Then I will be back at the gym, working my tail off. I may not ever be able to RUN again, but I do get a little high by being able to jog for a few minutes each night, at the end of my 'hike'.