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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bike Saves The Day!

The munchies sure had a hold on me yesterday! I did alright during the earlier part of the day, but things were harder in the late afternoon and evening. I think that I just allowed myself to become too hungry to begin with.

Thankfully, my stationary bike saved the day. I got a lot of time in, and it helped. I rode my bike while watching "The Biggest Loser". I was determined that if I wanted to watch the show, I had to be pedaling while it was on. I only got half way through it before I had to go and do other things, but I came back to the bike in the evening.

All in all, I think that I was riding my bike for more than an hour yesterday, with the resistance turned all the way up. That really worked my muscles a lot. When I got off of the bike last night, my legs were wobbly, and my muscles were bulging. Thankfully though, I managed to exercise enough that I burned off my tortilla chips and salsa, and even a couple of cookies. Compared to my weight yesterday morning and this morning, I managed to even lose a little weight in addition to not gaining any.