Current Happenings

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feels Good

I went to the gym this afternoon, and it was really nice even though I didn't stay long. I was completely surprised by how many people were there to workout. I have never seen that many people there! It seriously hindered my plans for lifting weights, basically because I'm a baby who doesn't like to stand in line to lift. I hate to stand still while I'm at the gym, so if I can't move from one machine to another, I don't do it.

Even though I only lifted a little bit, I worked real hard on the treadmill. I was only able to be on there for 30 minutes because of the crowd, but I put the pedal to the metal while I was there. When I last checked my heart rate, I was over 80% in energy expenditure. That is a little too much for me to be doing, but I was enjoying myself. I paid for it when I got home, and subsequently began coughing up my lungs. If there is one thing that can be said for exercising real hard, it is that it gets the mucus moving in my lungs. I feel better now, since I was able to get some of it up.

Since it is still cold in the house, I'm going to exercise some more this evening, just to stay warm. Since I want to watch tv, I'll just pedal my stationary bike while I'm watching. That should keep me warm until it is time for bed. I just have to be sure to take things slow, because the bike has been hard on my bad knee lately. My arthritis is really bothering me of late, and while it is good to keep moving, it hurts a lot too. The treadmill is alright because something in my stride changes when I increase the incline a little bit, and it actually seems to help my knee without causing pain. I notice that I've had fewer bad days since "hiking" the treadmill. Something about the bike is more difficult, but I can still do it so long as I use the treadmill regularly.