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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Habit-A-Week Challenge: Week 1

This week, Lyn's suggestion is that we work on our water intake. Normally, I am really good at this. I'll sheepishly add that for the past few days, I haven't been as diligent as I should be. I've been trying to do better, and it shows on the scale. I just wish that I wouldn't wait until the scale shakes it's finger at me before I make certain to drink my water.

Generally, I drink 9+ cups of water. I have a big blue cup that holds 3 cups of water. So, I know that if I fill it up three times, I have had enough water for the day. If I've been exercising or working hard outside, I can easily drink 3 cups at one time. I always try to drink a lot more water when I am sweating a great deal. Usually though, I will fill the cup and drink what I want, leaving the rest of the water on the counter. Since I don't like drinking very cold water, this works for me. What has also helped is to drink a cup of water every time that I go to the bathroom.

Now, I don't think that I agree with Lyn about my body getting used to drinking that amount of water. I still visit the bathroom just as often as the first day that I began increasing my water intake. When I know that I will be out of the house, I purposefully dehydrate myself a bit, so I don't have to use the bathroom so often while I am out running errands. On the plus side, I think that the frequent bathroom breaks are good for cutting down the risk of urinary tract infections. From what I understand, the passing of urine helps kill bacteria in the urethra. I am all for having healthier plumbing.

For as much water as I tend to drink, it's not something that I say brings me a great deal of pleasure. I can't understand (even a little bit) how anyone can gag and be goofy about drinking water. We *are* composed of mostly water. How can we not ingest it?! I do have more sympathy for folks who are simply bored with the taste of their water though. Goodness, to drink so much of something that has a distinct absence of flavor, it's not always an easy thing. But, I've managed to work around that.

When water gets boring, I break it up. I will drink a cup of regular water, and then take a few sips of coffee. I'll drink a cup of water, then have a little lemonade or tea. Sometimes, I'll even nibble on a couple salty mini pretzel twists, and then drink my water.