Current Happenings

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I went through my jeans drawers today, and I realized that I can wear them. Now, I can't wear all of them. There are some "skinny jeans" in there that are beyond my reach right now, but I can button up half of the pants easily. Wow. It just feels... wow. :)

I was hoping that I would be able to wear some of these pants for the winter, but didn't really have much faith that it would be before Christmas. I guess that when I see myself losing just one pound at a time, it doesn't sink into my brain very easily that they add up to some big changes.

Another realization that I had today was that I don't want to be uncomfortable. There was one pair of jeans that I had that felt funky when I wore them. The waist was too high, and they were way too long. Overall, the fit was just terrible. I wore them around the house for a couple of hours, and then made up my mind that I wouldn't wear uncomfortable clothes just because I could get into them. Those jeans are gone, never to be worn again.