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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am learning about how I handle real hunger, and I think that maybe I can understand why I haven't liked the feeling very much. *lol* When I got home from church this afternoon, I felt like I was going to implode. My stomach was going to suck in so far that I would be turned inside-out with such ferocity that I would explode. Ok, so that is a little melodramatic, but I felt pretty crummy. I'm noticing now that when I wake up, I feel honest hunger. When I've been out too long without any substantial food in the morning, and it's been 6 hours, I get nauseated. It's a strange feeling to be queasy, yet also want to eat a ton of food.

Part of my problem is that I didn't have protein this morning at breakfast. I had little time to get everyone else set, and all of us out the door. I had a slice of toast with apple butter, and I took a bowl of cucumber, green pepper, and some FF veggie dip in the car. Yes, shame on me. It was good to try and take something with me, but that wasn't nearly enough to last as long as I had to. I should have packed a snack for my purse. Instead, I ate my light breakfast at around 8:30 a.m. and didn't get lunch until around 2:30 p.m. . On the plus side, I did have a lunch already prepared at home. I just had to pull it out of the fridge and put it in the microwave for 90 seconds.

DH had to go out to work last night, so I used the time to do some cooking. I had found some chicken in the downstairs freezer, and it needed to be cooked before it got freezer burned. So, I popped that in the oven (covered), along with a pan of low-fat brownies. I just use an Aldi brownie mix, and them substitute in egg substitute and apple sauce in the place of the egg and oil. I make mine in a round pie dish, and then just cut into wedges. I cut the pieces pretty small, since the brownies are dense. It doesn't take much to feel satisfied.

On the stove top, I cooked sausage links that I won't be eating. *laughs* I really can eat sausage. It's not a big deal... except that it makes my tummy upset. Fatty things like that aggravate my phantom gall gladder. So, instead of having any pain from stones, now I have irritable intestines if I'm not careful about what I eat. Anyway, I've taken to cooking up sausages for my husband, and then I cool them and store them in the freezer. When he wants breakfast sausage, all he has to do is microwave them for 90 seconds or so, and they are ready to eat. It is convenient, and I normally only have to handle the yummy sausages for a couple of hours one day.

Once the chicken was done cooking, I grabbed my stash of divided storage plates and started packing lunches. Each plate has 73 grams of chicken and 200 grams of mashed cauliflower. I ran out of cauliflower by the last plate, so it has 100 grams of cauliflower and 100 grams of yellow squash. I love yellow squash. Now, when I am frantic and ready to gnaw my arm off, I can eat something quickly without worrying about it. I know just what is in it, and the serving sizes.

I log all of my food using Fitday, since I have the PC version. What I find easiest is to combine my common meals into custom recipes, and save them in my favorites. I have a salmon lunch plate, a chicken lunch plate, and even a turkey dog lunch plate. I also have beverages saved, like a cup of coffee, prepared the way that I like it. I don't have to find the individual ingredients for the meals, because they are all accounted for (including weight) in the recipe. I guess it works because I am boring, and will eat the same lunch every day for a week. I change my meat and vegetables every few days, but I enjoy eating the same kinds of foods together. If I have fish, I need something mushy to eat it with, because reheated fish is a bit dry. If I have red meat, I like some kind of mash, whether potato or cauliflower. Chicken can be paired with just about anything, so I use it in lunch plates that also need to finish up the leftovers in the fridge. My only big rule that I try to follow is that I only eat one starchy vegetable at a time. I don't eat potatoes and corn in one sitting. I may have cauliflower and peas though.

It really doesn't take all that much though, or at least no more than normal. I try to always balance out dinners with protein and variously colored vegetables in varying starch ranges. I try to never have a dinner plate that is all beige and browns. It is just something that I've been trying to do since our daughter started eating solids. I want her to eat healthy foods, so I need to make them. There is no hope that my husband will eat even 1/3 of the vegetables that I cook, but at least they are available for Pumpkin and I. Because she eats so many good foods, I don't give her a hard time about the few foods that I know she just doesn't like (right now). So, I don't make tuna for her, no cooked carrots (only raw), and no mustard on anything.

Liike the title says, I'm just babbling. I like to write this stuff here to remind myself, because there are times when I eat a bunch of garbage for food, and then I feel out-of-control crazy. It makes it hard to get back on track sometimes, and it is good to refresh my memory on what really works for me.