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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Denim Dress

There is something so wonderful about digging through my closet and finding clothes. With having lost over 40 lbs. , it is pleasant to look over articles of clothing that I had forgotten about. I tucked them away in the back of the closet and stopped thinking about them. My denim dress is one of those things.

When I saw the dress at the thrift store, I remembered the days when I was stomping around in cowboy boots and chaps. I had so much fun going to the horse auctions, spending time with Cheyenne (my horse), and dancing at the church hoedown. Some folks take these kind of things for granted, but I live in the north. You can't just drive down the street and see cows in the neighbors yard, right next to the local convenience store.

I thought that the dress might fit when I bought it, but I was disappointed when I brought it home. It buttons down the entire front of the dress, and I couldn't get the buttons closed across my hip area. That certainly isn't a foreign experience for me, so I heaved a sigh and hung the dress in the back of the closet.

I went searching through the closet today to find something new to wear. I generally rotate through the same 3 outfits or so, and then find a new set to rotate through. I'm boring. While thumbing through the hangers, I saw the denim dress and thought to pull it out. I had my jeans on, and just left them on. I was pretty darned shocked when the dress buttoned up, all the way down to my knees. Wow. It went over my heavy jeans and everything. None of the buttons were strained, nor any gaps pulling open to flash skin. It was just Squishy, in a dress. That felt nice.

The denim dress is plain, like me. It is durable, and just begs to be worn with layers and a pair of boots. It is smaller than I've been in a real long time, and I'm finally able to put it on. I think that makes it the most beautiful dress that I have in my closet right now.