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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meal Plan (Nov. 13 ) + Stuff

Well, I struggled to eat all of my food yesterday, and it just didn't happen. Instead of the 1,300 that I am shooting for, I ended up with 1,202 for the day.

Today, I am still trying to get my 1,300 calories without adding any convenience food into my diet. I'm going to have to really start putting some of it away though, because exercising at the gym takes a chunk of time out of my early evening. Since I don't eat right before bed, nor right before exercising, it makes it hard to get all of my food in. I find that what I'm doing on gym days is that I am substituting more calorie-dense foods into my diet so I can eat my number of calories without feeling stuffed and bloated. I know that some folks might fuss at me for 'forcing' myself to eat anything, but the last thing I want to do is give my body too little to run on, regardless of what my appetite says.

Since I am eating very frequently, I have almost no desire to eat candy or junk. I don't want the sugar. I don't care about the sugar at all. Maybe it is because I can still have sweet things..... and I type this while chewing a piece of sugar-free gum. *grins* If I want something sweet and dessert-like, I can have some of my pumpkin custard. It is only about 170 calories if I whip it up with sweetened skim milk and a graham cracker. I had some last night, and I think that my sweet tooth fell right out of my mouth. It was very filling, made me sigh and smile about fall and Thanksgiving time, and yet doesn't mess up my caloric budget. Goodness, my light yogurt from Meijer is nearly as many calories as the pumpkin custard dessert.

I have to start working up a shopping list today. I need to do our household shopping this weekend, and I hate to come home to realize that I forgot something that I really wanted with my meals for the week. For example, I'm eating my daughter's light yogurt because I forgot to get my Dannon Fit 'N Light 80 cal. yogurt. Oops. I'm sure that I'll still forget something, list or no list. That's just how I roll. *laughs*

Anyway, here is my food plan for the day: