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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meal Plan (Nov. 20) + Stuff

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Not only did I eat well, but I also rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes. It wasn't all wonderfulness, however. I tried to roast eggplant for dinner, and it was kind of gross. The eggplant was just too meaty and chewy, I think. It wasn't great for a side dish, though I can see why someone might sub it in instead of using meat in some things. I don't think that it was a total loss, but something that I will have to work on. I'll look up some recipes and start experimenting a little bit. Of course, I will be the lone guinea pig. Neither of my family members would be happy to volunteer.

I am another 1/2 lb. down today. Wow, I've lost 42 lbs. so far! Yay! I can practically taste the 50 lb. mark. I want it pretty bad. By then, I'm betting that these pants that I'm wearing will feel quite a bit looser. I'm just happy to be able to wear them at all. They were *supposed* to be my size, but after they were washed, they came out a little different. Yes, and by different, I mean much smaller. So, they have been hanging out in my drawer for 2 years, waiting for me to get much smaller in the wash also. I've got them on today, and they are a little snug. They aren't tight, but they do remind me how important it is to eat the right foods.

Alrighty, here is my meal plan for the day. I'll post this and then get my bad self on into the kitchen to cook some breakfast. I'm hungry this morning, and have put off eating too long already.