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Friday, November 21, 2008

Meal Plan (Nov. 21) & Stuff

I am feeling pretty good, though maybe a little stuffed. I made my own oatmeal this morning, instead of using a packet of instant oatmeal. It was very good! I just cooked oats, 1/8 c. of skim milk, 8 g. of walnuts, and 2 teaspoons of Splenda in the microwave. Some of my oatmeal packets have some nuts in them, but I wanted something nuttier. So, I sat down with my Fitday program and worked out how many grams of walnuts I could put in my oatmeal and still get the same calorie count as a packet of oatmeal. The magic number was 8 grams, and it seemed small while sitting in the bowl. That was a great amount of crunch though, and I am full. Since I'm not used to eating much at any one sitting, I almost feel as though I've eaten too much, though it was a whole 139 calories.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, it was sitting at 206, with a propensity to flirt with 205.5 . Since I would like to see that number for real, I'm going to spend some more time on the exercise bike today. I am going to shoot for an hour of steady biking. I may have to take some Motrin today though, because my knees have been hurting pretty bad since the arrival of cold weather. They ache constantly, and I'm noticing a more biting pain on the outside of my right knee, where I know I am arthritic. If I can pedal for an hour, that will be great. If I can't, then I'll break it up into two half-hour sessions.

There is something horrible about feeling like an elderly mule. *sigh* Not only do my knees hurt, but my hands are sore too. I'm not sure if it is carpel tunnel exactly, but I wouldn't be surprised. CTS is a "friend" who comes to pester me every so often. I'm not going to just grump about it though. I'm determined to do as much as I can, and then let my diet do the rest. I'm not exercising to lose weight, just to get strong. So, I can find ways to move that will increase strength without agravating my ouchies too much.

Anyway, here is my meal plan for the day. It is pretty packed with food! I wish that I had more vegetables in my meal plan today, but I need to do some cooking today. When I make new lunch plates, I am going to fill them with veggies. I think that I will also try to make some kind of vegetable to eat with my turkey sandwich tonight. I just need to see what I have on hand.