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Monday, November 24, 2008

Meal Plan (Nov. 24) & Misc. Hoo-Haa

I was a very bad girl this weekend. *laughs* That's not completely true, I guess. I did have myself a bit of a "cheat" though. I know that I didn't make the best food choices, and I ate candy. Yes, I said it. I got into Pumpkin's halloween bag and ate a couple pieces of her candy. It was yummy and much goodness! Yes it was. I haven't had one of those peanut butter soft chews in the orange wrapper in forever. Ok, maybe it was just last year. Anyway, it was delicious and I enjoyed it. All in all, I didn't eat a ton of food on Saturday, but I did eat foods that I probably shouldn't have on a normal basis. To the best that I can figure, I ate about 2,000 calories that day. What got me in some big trouble, however, was that I didn't drink my water. D'oh! I know better than that!

When I stepped on the scale yesterday, I was up by 1.5 lbs. from my one day of foolishness. (In my head, Niecy Nash wags a finger at me for my "foolishness". *laughs* Too much tv...) Anyway, I ate clean yesterday, drank all of my fluids, and rode my exercise bike for about 35 minutes at a light/moderate pace. This morning, I was only up by 1/2 lb. from my low weight. I know that some folks would also be wagging their fingers at me, but I'm ok with that. I knew what I wanted, what the consequences were, and I was still willing to accept the trade. What I am not willing to do is to blindly each garbage each day and put on a bunch of weight. I'm going to continue to eat my clean diet, exercise for fitness, and drink my water. This 1/2 lb. will be work it's way off of my body, and I will be going back down in size and poundage without crying over how everyone else is free to eat what they want. I have the very same freedom that they do, along with the same responsibility to make adjustments to my lifestyle in order to have ocassional snacks without putting on weight.

Now, Thanksgiving is a day that I worry about a little bit. I am not choosing to indulge myself at our family gathering on Thanksgiving Day. There are too many food choices, and I don't control the ingredients for any of the dishes. Many people concentrate on taste, not on how healthy their holiday food is. I completely understand that, and that is perfectly ok. Since I know that I tend to get myself "in trouble" in that kind of situation, I am going to make a meal plan based on the list of foods that my uncle sent me. He is hosting the gathering this year, so he made a master list of the dishes and who is bringing them. With the help of the list and my food scale, I should be able to eat plenty of holiday food with everyone else. I'll pick foods that are safer for me, in the portions that I need, and maybe save enough calories for one small dessert. When I get home, I plan on riding my exercise bike to help move along digestion and the burning of said meal, instead of wearing it on my hips and thighs.

A big part of my game plan for Thanksgiving is to bring a vegetable tray. With so many rich foods there, I am sure that very few people will bother filling up on vegetables. However, it will give me some snack foods to nibble on, so it will be easier to avoid the chips, cookies, and pies. I can also keep busy by helping to prepare, serve, and clean up after the meal. Hopefully, it will be easier to avoid mindless snacking, and I'll be burning more calories than if I were sitting around watching football.

Well, before I get to Thursday, I need to get through today. I made up my meal plan this morning, and I'm working it. Here is a copy of what I have planned for the day.