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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meal Plan (Nov. 5) + Other Stuff

How is a gal supposed to focus on being healthy when feels awful? Goodness, I just couldn't sleep for anything last night. My spine is still out of place, and it was really bothering my shoulders and neck last night. I feel utterly tired this morning.

I did really well with my eating yesterday. I am very happy for me, and I look forward to adding another day to my "days on plan" badge tonight. I am shooting for 7 consecutive days of good, healthy eating. I stuck with my "calorie budget" yesterday, and only pouted about it a little bit. In the end though, I didn't even finish my second cup of coffee allotted for the day. Maybe it was my having watched the election coverage that turned my stomach sour. lol I say that jokingly, but DH went off to get some Pepto before he came to bed.

Ok, I'm going to post the game plan for the day. I defrosted my carton of "egg substitute", but after my dinner last night, I don't want it any more. *chuckles* Eggs in a carton seemed so much easier, and guilt-free. I hate throwing food away, including egg yolks. Since my carton was still frozen last night, I just scrambled one whole egg and three egg whites, and it was wonderful! It was much better than the carton stuff, while still being healthier.

Today is the day. I'm going to run the mile again. I look forward to seeing if I can better my time. I was at the gym yesterday, walking out my sore muscles on the treadmill. It didn't work. I was still painfully sore all night. I'm not sure how that is going to affect my running time, but we'll see. If I can even just get to 13 minutes even, I'll be happy.