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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meal Plan (Nov. 8) + Stuff

I felt so good for most of the day, yesterday. But, late in the evening I started to feel some munchies coming on. I fought a valiant fight though, and I was victorious! Armed with one sugar-free butterscotch candy and a piece of sugar-free gum, I prevailed.

So, I have been feeling pretty happy with myself, knowing that I wasn't overcome by the Munchy Monster. I eat frequently, so I know that I'm not truly hungry. I think that maybe I just stayed up too late last night. I was watching a movie, but I eventually gave up and put it on to record so I could go to bed.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, there was some movement. I am happy to say that the number on the scale decreased by 1 lb. over the past couple of days. So, now instead of sporting excess water after having exercised, I just have sore legs. Oh, and boy are my legs sore! I guess that is the price that I pay for having prettier legs, and more room in my jeans. I have even noticed that my abs are feeling pretty tight of late. I became very aware of them after running. Retaining my good posture while tired and running made me understand that I do actually have some muscle in there, under the squish.

Speaking of squish, I'm not nearly as squishy as I used to be. I've got me some hip bones. I still have some squishy I-had-babies-belly that I'm sure will be awful to get off. I don't know that my flesh will ever be tight in my lower abdomen. So, I have a tummy and my inherited big bottom that comes with being a part of my family. I have been blessed with wide hips, and it is hard to have a tiny bottom when it has so much space to fill in. *laughs* It's a good thing that my husband likes that sort of thing, because it's just not going away. However, my waist has become much more firm. I guess that means that I've lost some of my fluff through there. It really does make clothing fit a lot smoother. The only bad thing is that it makes my hip/lower abdomen area look even worse because my upper body looks so much nicer. I've read a lot that lower body fat is much harder to get off, and takes longer. Goodness, I hope that it doesn't take TOO long, because I seem a mite out of proportion. It is the goofiest thing to have legs that are looking nice, and upper body that is looking nice, and then that darned lower belly fat.

Anyway, I had better get on with my day. I've worked up my meal plan for the day, and it is posted below.