Current Happenings

Monday, November 17, 2008


It is funny how my brain and my stomach are just not on the same page. When I was making my dinner plate tonight, I measured out my food. It was amazing how quickly I came to 4 oz. of turkey stroganoff. It looked so small on the plate, but everything looked better once I put a little mashed potato on there, and a lot of zucchini. To my brain, that just didn't *look* like enough food.

Now, my stomach didn't end up agreeing with my brain. I ate my food, and it was all yummy. There was just enough stroganoff, and I am comfortable and content. I was even able to scoop a little bit of ice cream out for Pumpkin without feeling deprived at all. I had my little no-sugar-added fudgesicle, and I didn't miss the feel and taste of rich ice cream. That is nice.

I had the same kind of feeling this afternoon when I treated myself to a small piece of low-fat brownie that I made. I had my piece, felt quite full, and didn't desire even one more nibble of chocolate anything. That is so different from the times when I've sat down and eaten cake or brownies, having 2-3 pieces in a day. My brownies don't send me into a craze though, as there is no frosting on them. They are just sweet enough to be nice, full of protein, and dense enough to feel substantial. With the fluffy, super-sweet cakes, I always felt like I had to have a lot. I don't know for certain why that is, but I suspect that I've been very sensitive to sugar for quite a while.

Eating so often during the day has really helped me with my portions. It has helped me to see that having just a small amount of food can be perfectly satisfying. I can have almost anything that I want, and I don't eat too much because I am eating very frequently. I don't go long enough without food to make me feel like I'm "starving" and out of control with food. On the very rare occasion that I wait too long to eat, I'm learning that I don't have to scarf everything in sight to alleviate the discomfort. Just like sleeping 14 hours on Tuesday doesn't make up for poor sleep on Monday, eating 800 calories at lunch doesn't make me feel any better after fasting for 6 hours.