Current Happenings

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We were given a gift card for Applebee's as a Christmas gift from someone that DH works with. With a little nudge, DH took us out to dinner last night. I wasn't sure how my stomach was going to react, but I was certainly hungry enough to try.

DH and I got one of their combo meals where you pick an appetizer and two entrees for $20. We ended up with some buffalo wings to nibble, he had riblets, and I chose the 7 oz. steak and baked potato. There was a lot of food on our table, and I'm happy to say that two boxes of it came home with us last night. I think that I had two buffalo wings, with just a little ranch. I ate half of my steak, and half of the potato. I felt full, but not stuffed. As I slid out of that booth, I felt GOOD. That steak was just heavenly. Though I only ate half of it, every bite was absolutely delicious. When I was done, I really was done and satisified.

That meal must have really hit the spot, because I didn't have an urge to eat again for the rest of the day. (We eat dinner early. I guess we probably do more of a dinner and supper during a day.) Instead, I nursed a no-sugar-added fudgesicle while watching tv, and later had a cup of coffee.

This morning, I was very surprised to see that I had dropped a pound, even though I have been eating somewhat regularly. I haven't been skimping on the food, because I don't believe that being weak helps me recover from illness faster. I just choose different foods that feel good to my body at the time. Oh my goodness, that leaves me with 3 lbs. before I see my mysterious "1". I am 4.5 lbs. away from completing a full 50 lbs. of weight lost. It is such a happy thing, and yet embarrassing to admit, all at the same time. Yes, I've been that overweight. No, I don't ever plan on being that number again. In 5.5 lbs. I will no longer be classified as what I charmingly refer to as "Oh Beast". *laughs* I can be chubby, volumptuous, curvy, husky, heavy, or squishy. That's alright as long as I'm no longer "Oh Beast". *wink*