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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Lyn, over at Escape From Obesity, is talking about baking in 'Cookies Don't Define Me'. Boy can I relate! I used to bake a LOT. Then again, I was cooking a lot too. I don't do that on such a large scale any more.

Not having much money motivated me to bake a lot from scratch. My favorite cookbook has such great recipes for making various scones, cakes, biscuits, cookies, and various entrees. Whenever we needed a little something extra for a meal, it was no hardship to bake some bread or make some biscuits. Making biscuits was one of the activities that Pumpkin and I did together a lot. I think that I found that so comforting because I used to make biscuits with my grandma.

Whenever the neighbor would be a sweetheart and help me clear the snow, I would hurry over with some fresh cookies, or maybe some banana bread. Whatever I was making that day, they would get some. The neighbors used to make little jokes about how I was going to make them fat, and so it caused me to think. Hey, I was making myself more than a little fatty with all of the baked goods. Like Lyn, I can't be around cookies. Hot cookies, fresh from the oven, they are an awful weakness for me. Ok, I can't handle hot bread from the oven either. I just want to smear butter on it and eat it while it is still steaming. It's warm and comforting, but doesn't cause my pants to fit any better, you know? So, I had to give these things up.

It has been a little difficult for me, surrendering any idea that I'm some Grand Poobah of the kitchen. I know how to cook, and I do it pretty well. I can roast a turkey that would make your toes curl. The difference is that as time goes by, I don't want there to be a big focus on the food. I want to eat because it is necessary to live. I want to indulge in the ocassional calorie dense treat, just because it is rich and lovely. I want the bulk of our eating as a family to be healthy, nutritous fuel. It's main purpose should be that it provides the needed nutrients to sustain health and vitality, with the side benefit of not tasting like cardboard. *laughs* There are so many other things that I would rather us be immersed in, and none of them is a mindset that mealtimes are an activity in and of itself. Meals should be the things that make it possible for us to go bowling, sledding, biking, or even just for a walk through the neighborhood. When daily meals are fuel, then true feasts have a more generous and abundant feeling, and aren't apt to leave one overweight and unhappy. That is what I want. I don't get there by baking loads of cookies and banana bread.