Current Happenings

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Alright, I'm going to confess. I had a bit of a binge last night. I ate a bunch of food. I think that I had a little bit of everything in the house, minus vegetables. It wasn't that I ate huge amounts, but even larger amounts of crap food is ....well... crap. While the small bowl of Doritos started it all, I should have ended it there. I'm having a very hard time feeling terrible about it all though.

I slept.

I mean, I had real sleep and woke up feeling like a human being. Wow.

Ok, so I can't eat like that all of the time, or else I'll pack on the pounds. I know that. There was something wonderful about feeling genuinely full when I went to bed, thanks to nibbling on cold ham from the fridge. My hectic furniture moving and more than a little stress encouraged me along my wicked path, and I ate. I think that I had two tacos for dinner, after eating those fatty animal crackers. Normal animal crackers aren't so bad, but the brand from Aldi is. Then, I wrenched my elbows really bad, trying to not drop our table-top when DH dropped his end. It wasn't his fault at all, but I couldn't just let the table crash to the floor and break. That snap of dead weight though, it put a bad hurt on me. Instead of reaching for the motrin, I reached for a couple pieces of chocolate. It was just two, but then there was the Doritos, animal crackers, a wee packaged ice cream cup and tacos. D'oh. At least they were homemade tacos, and I am super O.C.D. about draining every minute speck of grease when frying hamburger.

It felt so nice to sleep. Oh, blessed sleep. I didn't even care that I was covered in cats, and the house was a mess. Ahh....

These things are fleeting, however. I had to wake up. I'm nursing my liquids today, and have restricted my munching to some light snacks, evenly placed. I'll eat something more substantial later, but my system is out of whack due to my overindulgence. I fear that I may live off of coffee today, because it is the only thing that feels good to my tummy.

Here I am, back to trying to eat like a skinny gal again. (That's funny though, since I don't know any that don't either starve, or eat like little piggies.) I'm keeping busy with fixing the mess that is my house. There are tons of books to be sorted, organized, and shelved. There are more toys to be bagged and carted off to the thrift store, along with summer clothes that Pumpkin won't be able to wear again. Goodness gracious, and then there is the laundry. It is not my friend this week, not with the construction mess. For as much dust as I sweep and wipe clean, there is a load of laundry that doesn't get done. What do you do though? I have other clothes to wear, but I can't eat or prepare food on dirty surfaces. Oy.

On a positive note, I destroyed a pair of jeans that was too big for me. Instead of keeping around "fat pants" for those days when I feel lazy and want to gain back some fat, I cut them up and am sewing a pair of slippers from them. Pumpkin wore holes in her slippers, so I am making her a homemade pair! It's going to be so cute. Goodbye fat pants! Hello special gift for my little girl!