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Friday, December 5, 2008

End of Day Update: Dec 5

I did pretty well today. My calories were a little too low yesterday (under 1k) , and I know that if I stay on that kind of track, my hungry monster comes out. Since I didn't want to be a beast today, I upped my intake a little bit. I came in at 1,415 today, according to my best calculations.

In an effort to test a theory, I just finished the last of my food, and now I am off to bed. I'm going to be quick about it, and hopefully I'll see if it helps alleviate some of my problems with getting to sleep. I didn't have a huge meal or anything, but I have 150 calories of yummy potato and onion to make my tummy happy. Maybe I should have chosen something else, but it is an on-running experiment. I've chosen protein sources the past few nights, and now I'll try something richer in carbs and see how I feel. I'll check in in the morning and report how I slept, and how I feel in the morning.