Current Happenings

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Fresh Day

Wow, yesterday was stressful! Come to think of it, this week has been stressful. The decision to put Pumpkin in a public school has really been working me over. Add my monthly to that, and it's no wonder that I've felt like an eating machine. I've been feeling as though I have a hungry little monster in my belly that will not be satisfied. It's an awful feeling!

Last night, we had McDonald's for dinner. I told Pumpkin that we would go there after her doctor's appointment. We were all tired, hungry, and overly stressed. My big girl got three shots in her arm, the first two being alright. It was the last one that burned badly and had her upset. I needed to get her home and get food and medicine into her tummy, so she would feel better. By the time that she was finished with her apple slices, everything seemed right in her world again.

I think that maybe I'm supposed to feel bad about eating fast food, but I don't. I had a Big & Tasty, most of a medium fry, and a medium diet coke. I ate it and enjoyed it, and now I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming. All in all, I've gained 3 lbs. since my weird eating-monster took up residence. I'm determined to shake it all off though, and get back to moving downward. Sitting at 205, I am so close to getting out of the 200's. I don't need to be here. I can be in the 100's.

I'm thinking that this hunger thing is hormonal. It reminds me of how I feel when pregnant, the needing to eat constantly. Thankfully, I can already feel that things are winding down. I don't feel so out of control, and it's still morning. Yesterday and the day before, mornings were crazy. I wanted to eat a box of cereal and then chase it with scrambled eggs. Crazy hunger. I'm not normally very hungry at all in the morning, so this was a real departure from the norm.

Since I'm already feeling better, I started today off on a more active note. The first order of business was to get moving. I got a little exercise in, and now I'm drinking my water. I'm feeling healthier and more normal already, and it is refreshing.