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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ha! And other exclamations of ecstatic suprise!

A little over a year ago, I had this green dress that I had wanted to wear to a family wedding. My husband bought it for me at the thrift store, because I smiled and made eyes at him. Oh, the sage green satin was pretty, and cheap too! The only problem is that they don't have fitting rooms at the thrift store.

You know, I had every intention of losing weight at the time, but it wasn't happening. I tried on the dress and saw that it gaped in the back by a good 4-5 inches. There was no possible way of zipping it up. I didn't make the lifestyle changes that I needed to in the time allotted, and the dress stayed in the closet. Instead, I wore a matronly dress that my mother had given me, something that she couldn't wear after her gastric bypass surgery.

I've been reorganizing the entire house, including the closets. I pulled my bags of yarn out of the closet, and that freed up space to hang all of my dresses together. Oh green dress, there you were. I thought, "why not"? I just kept my baggy jeans on and pulled the dress up. It zipped. Sure, it would probably look prettier with another 10 lbs. gone from my frame, but it fit. Even with my big 'ole jeans, the dress zipped up. It's like a hot shower on a cold morning, that delicious feeling of completion and success. I haven't reached the end of my journey, but it feels good to know that I've traveled quite a distance and am closer to my destination.