Current Happenings

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hanging In

I'm hanging in, and hanging on. I thought that I was going to swallow my own head when I took my weight after our Christmas party on Sunday. Goodness. I had a huge jump, more than I had expected. I just kind of stared at the scale with disgust and then put it out of my mind. For as much as I enjoy ham, I've got to stop eating it, at least for a little while. I'm going to freeze our leftovers. We're going to get burned out on the stuff if I don't put it away, so it's all good. Maybe it wouldn't hit me so hard if I were to soak the ham in a water bath overnight, but I don't know if that would help the sodium levels at all. All I do know is that I swelled up like an overfilled water balloon. I'm back to normal today though. I had to pick my jaw up, having seen a 4 lb. drop in weight overnight. Maybe I should try my skinny jeans on again and see if they feel any better now. *lol*

I've been hungrier than usual today, because my day started earlier. I nibbled on some popcorn to help get me through the rough part of the day. It was difficult to do the grocery shopping because I started to get too hungry. Thankfully, we still had leftovers from our Sunday dinner to eat.

It's nearly 8 o'clock, and I've gotten my foods out of the way. I have a serving of peanuts that I can have sometime before I go to bed, just so I can sleep tonight. I've upped my calories a little today, since I've been going for longer today. I normally eat around 1,200 and I am logging in at 1,400 today. I know that is still pretty low for some folks. The day is catching up with me though, and I don't feel motivated to eat anything more. I just want a hot bath and a nice warm bed. I think that I'll take a book into the bath, and try not to fall asleep in there. *S*

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't make the 10 lbs. by New Years, particularly because I was so close. Still, I know exactly why I didn't make it, and I'm owning my own decisions. I wanted to eat the ham and the fudge. I wanted cookies and candies. Because I wanted them more than I wanted the weight loss, I got them instead of the weight loss. Now that I've had my fill of that stuff, I don't want it anymore. It's amazing how quickly I burn out on that fluff and no long find it so appealing. NOW I want the weight loss more than I want the junk. So, now I will begin to see the scale move downward again. I guess the big deal is to change the condition of my mind so that I want the loss more than I want the junk food, on a more regular basis. I'm doing pretty good, but there is certainly room for improvement also. I'll think on it more later. The bath is calling.