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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

(Look! New picture! See my Christmas tree?)
My husband and I haven't received any invites for New Year's parties this time around, so we are looking at the prospect of spending the evening in the comfort of our own home. Since I can't remember when the last time that such an event occurred, it actually sounds like a wonderful thing. *laughs*

There are certainly some benefits of having a private party at home. First, we don't have to drive back home after midnight, hoping that we don't run into the people who have been partying all day. Rather, we spend that time hoping that they don't run into us... with a car.

Secondly, I am relieved to say that I can snack on safe foods at home, without worrying about falling victim to T's way-too-good bean dip. That stuff is much wonderfulness, but will not make my butt any smaller. At home, I can eat all the raw vegetables and popcorn that I want, without feeling funky. In order for me to avoid junk food at parties, I have to have a constant stream of vegetables into my face, and that probably looks crazy to general observers. When I'm eating my vegetation, all I can think is, "Chew, chew like the moo cows do!" I'd rather have my weirdo food moments in the confines of my own home, where fewer people are apt to notice.

I think that the best thing about having a private party is that you don't have to worry about public displays of affection once the ball finishes it's drop. Quite frankly, we can smooch as much as we want. The possibilities are quite interesting. Yay for staying home! *wiggles eyebrows*