Current Happenings

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Moving Furniture, If Not Weight

I'm 206 again today. I am such an impatient thing, I tell ya. It feels like I've been here forever, until I look at my log and see that it's only been 3 days. Come on!! It's just three days. I'm shaking a finger at myself for my foolishness.

Though the scale isn't moving yet, I'm moving the furniture. While my brain wouldn't go to sleep last night, I planned out how I was going to rearrange things to give us more freedom of movement. I even found a creative way to store Pumpkin's toys, and now I have her empty toy box to put my yarn in. Hopefully that means that my husband will stop giving me that look, because yarn is taking over the house, our bedroom in particular.

If I had the energy, I think I'd log my calories burned from hauling furniture. I just don't have the umph though. Instead, I get to empty a bookcase and move it to the living room. I may then take a nap before emptying my dresser and dragging it into the closet of our school room. With my dresser out of the bedroom, I can pull the bed away from the wall. My husband will be ecstatic if he doesn't have to scoot and climb over me to get out of bed. Though it might be just a tad inconvenient to have my dresser across the hall, it does give me a big closet all to myself. The dresser if very short, and the closet is the widest in the house. It almost gives me goosebumps to think of all the space! I don't have very many clothes, but our bedroom closet is tiny. I put 2-3 items on each hanger so mine and DH's clothes both fit in there. It's a bonus that all of this furniture moving leads to a thinner me.