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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh Running, I Miss You!

I was reading the blog of a runner this morning, and it has me all sad-puppy-eyed over running. *sigh* I wish that I could really run again. I've never been truly good at running, not for racing and things like that. I never ran races, just ran for fitness while rowing and beyond. Sure, I run for my mile time now and again, but it's nothing like what I used to be able to do. It was very common that I'd slip into some comfortable clothes and go running as the sun came up. It was beautiful. I would run the 3 miles to the park, and then turn around and run home. It was so nice to see the sky light up with such brilliant colors, and to be out and running before everyone else shook the cobwebs out of their heads.

It's useless to pine over something that isn't good for me though. I really should know better than that. I've got to treat the running like I do chocolate. I can have a little, but too much is bad for my health. I can't just wish that my bones were straight, or that running would miraculously not hurt. All the wishing in the world won't keep me from swelling up and then limping for a week. So, I'm going to just continue putzing along, running just a little bit. Once Pumpkin starts attending public school, maybe I'll take the opportunity to run in the mornings again, just a little bit every few days. There is a park nearby that has a walking/jogging trail that is marked with distances, and I could walk or jog there after dropping Pumpkin off at school. Since my nephew is ready to begin pre-school, I might be able to talk my sister into meeting me there on weekdays.

When I get down to a lighter weight, which should be easier for my knees to carry, maybe I could try a 5k walk/run. I can't do that often, like many other people do, but I'd like to try it once.