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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Recession + Winter= Me Shoveling The Street

I had a big breakfast today. DH took us to Arthur's, and they have grits. I love grits. I love them, love them, love them. I'm a Yankee though, so I take mine with butter and Splenda. Normally I would say sugar, but I don't use it that often any more. It turns me into a crazy monster. I don't feel that way with the artificial sweeteners though. Anyway, to the best of my calculations, breakfast logged in at a whopping 657 calories. That's more than I generally eat for half of the day, but it was more of a brunch and will actually last me half the day... maybe.

Though I ate calorie-dense foods this morning, I also went outside and shoveled horrifically heavy snow this afternoon. DH says that I was out there for about 30 minutes or more, but it felt like a couple of hours. Man, that stuff is packed and icy today. I got our walks all done yesterday, but today I took it upon myself to try and clean up my little corner of the street. I cleaned up our path from the sidewalk, across the grass, to where we park the car. I cleared a spot big enough for us to stand and actually open said car doors. Then I cleaned up the street a bit, so we could find a general approximation of the curb. Lastly, I started moving snow out of the intersection. That was a heinous job.

It looks as though we will not be getting plows this winter, thanks to the lack of funds around these parts. So, the streets are a mess. Our car has done alright, but my uncle and neighbor both had to be pushed out yesterday. Today, I started clearing snow from the curb and tossing it on the grass-is-somewhere-here area. Then, I could use the big metal shovel to push snow from the street into the newly cleared area at the curb, and then start over again. I was watching the cars, and it didn't look like anyone was burning up their tires or fishtailing at the corner anymore. It's still messy, but the rest will have to wait until after the snow comes down tomorrow. I might have another try at it with the snow blower then. I tell ya, all of this makes me wish that I had a 4-wheeler with a plow. I could clear the whole driveway, the corner, and the worst of what my neighbors and I are dealing with.

After looking at estimations for calories burned by shoveling horrific snow, I seem to come in at burning about half of my breakfast. That's pretty cool stuff! I'm not shoveling in order to burn calories, but it is a pretty groovy benefit nonetheless. More than anything, I guess I'm probably shoveling snow to keep myself occupied. I'm a little sad today because my Grandma Edith passed away this morning. I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I used to when I was a child, but I've always had a lot of love for her. She just sewed a couple of dresses for my daughter, for Christmas. I don't feel bad for Grandma Edith, because I know that she was a sister in Christ. I bet that she is wondrously happy right now, not only being united with the Lord, but also seeing her husband again. I grieve for my Papa though, because he will miss his mama a great deal. So, I'm crying a little bit today, and it's ok. I just hurt when other people hurt, especially those that I love so much. Grandma Edith lived to the generous age of 98, and I've been very blessed to know her so long. Not many people can say that they reached adulthood and had any relationship with their great-grandparents. I also have my Great-Grandma Mary, my Grandma Nancy's mama, who is still alive. She lives in Florida now though. I used to go and spend nights with her, back when she was a bit younger and able to be more independent.

Though I'm having a little bit of a gloomy day, I'm encouraged my the distict lack of desire that I have to stuff my face. I'm learning that while I tend to be a nervous eater, I do alright just so long as I eat only when I'm feeling calm. So long as there isn't food in my hand, or sitting close by, I'm fine when I'm emotionally worked up. That just means that I need to avoid sitting down with more than one serving of anything. I should be measuring everything before I eat it anyway, at least until I get better at judging what a proper portion is.