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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Squashed Squishy Again

Ugh, I feel like ick this morning! I don't know what is going on, but I feel like garbage. I ate well and drank my water yesterday, but I didn't see much change on the scale this morning. That is very strange. My body is normally pretty predictable, but it wasn't happy with the Christmas eating, I suppose. My guts hurt, and that is the most bothersome thing. Hopefully I will be as right as rain after a couple cups of strong coffee.

DH put up the "Perfect Pullup" that I bought him for Christmas. I'm going to give it a try today, after I get the lion's share of my work done around the house. It would be too hard to do deep cleaning if I can't lift my arms. *lol* DH tried it out yesterday though, and he is really excited about it. He's going to use their suggested workout sheet to gradually build his strength. I'm going to need a lot longer to exercise before I can even do one regular pullup. As I told him, he has more muscle mass in his upper body, and I've got a lot more weight in my lower body. *lol* I don't have enough muscles to move all of my own body weight without tearing something in my shoulders. If I'm diligent in exercising with it though, I should be able to do at least a few pullups once I lose enough weight that my girlie muscles can lift it.

I ate about 1,102 calories yesterday, so I was a little low. I didn't feel all that well though. I did eat frequently though, as I know I need to. I just didn't eat a large quantity of food. I feel too clogged up for that sort of thing. My guts feel tired, like I shouldn't eat for a week. However, my head doesn't feel the same way. If I go more than 3-4 hours without eating something, my brain gets fuzzy and I start to get that gross feel that comes over me when riding a fast elevator. It's like my vision gets dark and fuzzy, and my stomach takes up residence in my shoes. From time to time, I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to borrow my sister's blood-sugar monitor, just to see what is going on with me throughout the day. The only thing that has kept me from asking is laziness, and not knowing what kind of lancets and strips go with the thing.

Since I've begun changing my diet, I've noticed that I am a lot more sensitive to things. I figure that is a good thing. I probably wasn't made to live in a sugar haze all of the time. The first tip-off should have been that sick feeling, and the packing on of weight. So, I don't eat much sugar now. I have some snacks that have some sugar in them, like my yogurt. I get the Light & Fit yogurt that only has 80 calories, so it's not a huge amount of sugar or anything. I know that some folks frown on sweeteners, but I use Splenda in my coffee. It allows me to have something sweet, and I don't feel sick when using it. If I have a cup of coffee with some sugar in it though, it makes me feel awful. I was reminded about why I steer clear of sugar, because Christmas fudge, cookies, and sugar-sweetened coffee made me feel like I was either going to be sick, or my head was going to pop off. I'm feeling better now, but not 100%. Maybe I'll be back to normal come tomorrow.

I am learning some lessons though! I can have the chips and bean dip, and that is fine. However, I should not eat the sweets. Ham rollups are wonderful, but I shouldn't have any cookies. Fatty things will make me feel fully, and that is alright so long as I stop eating when I feel full (not bursting!).

Since I am cooking a dinner tomorrow for an after-Christmas party (get to see my niece and nephew), I'm going to keep all of these dietary things in mind and just cook a clean and healthy meal. Grandma thinks that I should make a dessert, and maybe I will. I just want to make it a healthier one. I can make a shortcake with angelfood cake and sugar-free ingredients, and that would be much lighter all around. The kids would like it too. I'm even roasting a chicken for Sis and myself, so we don't have to eat ham with the menfolk. It will all work out well, I am sure. The best part is that I can control my food at home, so I'll get the exercise of hosting a party, and yet not gain weight. Yay!