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Monday, December 8, 2008

Tis The Season

It seems to be the time of year when everyone sits down and works out what their goals are for the upcoming year. I've given it a try. I've wracked my brain, and all I can think is that I am a very unambitious person. *laughs*

As for my dietary changes, I don't plan on altering them for a while, and certainly not expecting any changes to last for the year. So, my eating will stay largely the same, until I find that it needs to be modified. That doesn't fit well on a list of goals. I can't even write down that I want to be a certain weight during 2009. I'm not terribly concerned with the exact number of pounds that I lose over this next year. Sure, I want to continue in a downward direction, but I haven't even figured out what my "happy weight" will be yet. All in all, I have about 30 lbs. that I could stand to lose sometime between now and whenever. I'm sure that I can probably accomplish that within a year. What I'm not sure about is making it some kind of standard that I need to meet, lest I look like a failure. To be quite honest, I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if I just hung at this weight for a year. Sure, I wouldn't mind being smaller, but I've reached a point where my size doesn't inhibit me from doing much.

Maybe I am just not a goal setter. Instead of feeling obligated to lose 'x' number of pounds in a month, I want to be excited and happy to discover that I've lost weight while playing soccer with my daughter. I want to be proud of my strength when hauling around heavy car parts while spending time with my husband. I don't really care what the number on the scale says. I just use it as a tool, to keep me from accidentally putting weight back on.