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Friday, January 16, 2009

Changes For The Day

I had originally planned on exercising today, but I'm just not feeling like it. *shrugs* I exercised so long yesterday that I feel a little joint-sore and tired. As soon as I felt better last night, I did go ahead and stop working out. I was also calm enough to eat something, so I had a granola bar and an ounce of peanuts. I know that it's not a real meal, but it was substantial enough to keep me going while I talked with my grandparents until 1 o'clock in the morning. After I said goodnight to grandma, I went to bed and found that my dear husband had turned on the heating pad and was using it to warm up my side of the bed. He knows how cold I am when trying to get to sleep, and that was a nice balm to my frayed emotions. I'm a little surprised, but I slept pretty well last night.

I'm going to relax today, and just take care of what needs attention. I have plenty of vegetables to eat today, so that is going to be my goal for this afternoon. I'm going to eat well and take my time in getting things done, trying to keep my mind and body as relaxed as possible. Generally, when I get too upset, my guts get in a twist, and I end up feeling sick for a couple of days. I think that all of the exercise helped with that 'fight or flight' situation, so I'm physically feeling alright. Now I just need to keep my head on straight, unless I want to end up exercising real hard again today. It doesn't sound appealing.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, it read the same as yesterday. I didn't expect anything different, since the scale doesn't move for me when I'm working out.


karen said...

I'm so sorry for everything going on with your family right now! Real thankful that you found an outlet for it, though ... and that your hubby knew to get your side nice and toasty!!!

Me, Only Better said...

Sorry that things are so stressful for you right now.

Look after yourself today.