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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Changing Things Up

I'm changing things up a little today. I'm actually braving the cold and the snow to visit the gym, which is sure to be packed. I feel bad that the idea of 'resolutioners' at the gym makes me feel a little grumpy. I should be happy that they are trying to get healthy, instead of feeling disappointed that it makes it so much harder to get through my own exercises.

It will be nice to be on the treadmill again, instead of working on the glider. While the glider offers a walking motion, I can't run on it like I would a treadmill. I still get good exercise, and it is great for my legs, hips, and bottom. Running, however, uses my muscles in a different way. I'm not sure what kind of stamina I will have, being that my muscles are so tired. It will be nice to see though. My sister is going with me, and she enjoys some competition. I might as well use that aspect of her personality to push myself a little more, to hopefully burn through the tightness instead of giving into it.

Well, I need to get changed and do some stretches before I leave for the gym, so I had better get going. I'll post an update after I get back from the gym.