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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dehydration smacked me on my scale this morning! It hurt a little bit, but I kind of knew that it was coming. At least, it was expected. With sitting in the cold car for so long, hanging out in the store to stay warm, and all of that good stuff- I didn't get anywhere near my amount of water in for the day. I only had about 1 1/2 c. coffee and about 6 oz. of diet coke for the day, until I got home. I think that I managed to drink about 2 cups of water, but that was it.

I'm working on the dehydration thing today, though I won't see any scale love until Tuesday or so. My knee is feeling pretty good this morning, so I'm going to exercise this afternoon. The swelling is all gone, though I feel a tiny twinge of soreness. One small 200 mg. Motrin for maintenance should be enough to get me through the exercising without too much inflammation.


Losing Myself said...

glad to hear that the knees are better today. Try not to overdo it. :) GBY

Kiki said...

I hate hurting knees. Mine are making me feel like a grandma and I'm hoping that once the weight starts falling off they'll be happier!

Take care of yourself!

Linda said...

maybe my computer isn't loading everything or something but the black text on the dark background is a bit hard to read. I had to highlight to get a contrast. Just an FYI