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Monday, January 5, 2009


I really love it when I step on the scale, and that lower number just kind of flirts with me. You know, when you don't stand perfectly still, and the number bounces a little before settling? It's like that lower number just waves and winks, promising to see me tomorrow. *grins*

Of course, I only like to see the lower numbers do this. *laughs* When the scale goes the other way, it's not so flirty. I'd say that it's more like running into a bad ex-boyfriend unexpectedly. There is the shock, the discomfort, and the will to not let THAT happen again.

I'm going to stay in the land of happy thoughts though, because the number that is flirting with me is one that I haven't see in a very long time. I saw it briefly almost 6 years ago, but then I stress-ate and put the weight back on. Thankfully, I'm not such a stressed person anymore!