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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Food Ickies

It seems incredibly weird that I started out being so hungry that I could eat a horse, and then I spent most of the afternoon out shopping, and didn't eat anything. *sigh* Now I'm having some ickies, a bit of a food emergency. It's nearly 9 o'clock, and I've eaten 649 calories. Yeah, that's only a grand less than I was wanting! *groans*

This morning, I had a serving of Kashi "Honey Sunshine" cereal with 3 oz. of Almond Breeze. Then, I had an egg on a piece of light toast, and it was much yumminess. I don't know if there are many things that I like more than a creamy egg yolk. That probably sounds gross, but it's true. Before I had to leave to meet my sister, I had a piece of dark chocolate.

I had a good time with Sis, poking through clothing racks at Dots. We picked out a bunch of things, tried them all on, and then giggled about how bad they were. It was like a game, putting on clothes and then popping out of the fitting rooms to show each other. In the end, I got two pair of leggings, one pair of cotton gym pants, a pretty yellow tank, 4 t-shirts, and a package of men's long tanks. That should get me through the whole summer. *grins* The men's tanks are basically to wear with something prettier, so I am properly covered. I like tunic length tops, but they aren't as common the smaller sizes now. Lane Bryant is all about tunic tops, but they are way too expensive to buy for the gym. Maybe one of these days I'll stop being so funny about having my butt covered. I don't know.

Here, I'll show you a picture of the funky tie-dye tank top that I picked out, simply for it's funkiness. lol Sis was going to get one too, but bailed on me at the last minute.

I'm really not hiding from the camera, by the way. I was just trying to get close enough to the mirror that you could see the top, and I cut off my own head! Sounds evil, doesn't it? lol

Alas, I should get off of here and try to eat a little bit more before it gets way too late. Talk to you tomorrow!


Kud said...

Your shopping trip sounds so fun!!! Almost makes me wish I had a sister :D