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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Food Stupid & Snow

Yeah, see the numbers over there? *points to sidebar* I got a little stupid with food last night, and I'm a little angry about it. Do you ever want to shake yourself sometimes? According to FitDay, 2,000 calories is not an awful number of calories for me to eat- it'll just slow any weight loss to a crawl. That's not the big deal though. What bugs me is that I was done for the day, and then got some stupid urge to eat again anyway. Instead of being a sane person in control of her body, I followed that little voice in my head that was jealous of my husband eating Whoppers (malted milk balls) without me. Nothing good ever comes of that.

I have got to get over this silly thing, where I want what everyone else is having. To some extent, it is what helps me kick butt at the gym, because I want what other people have got there also. If other people are sweating and working hard, I am excited to do that with them. For such a solitary creature, I sure do tend to be rather social in my wants. When DH is eating such yummy things, I want to eat yummy things with him too. When I am done for the night, yet everyone else in the house is having a snack, I want to be a part of that too. Personally, I find that a little embarrassing. I don't like being a person who follows along, and yet I do it again and again. It just tastes bad in my mouth, like that gross metallic taste of sickness.

Well, yesterday is over, and it's time to get on with today. I've got plenty of things to keep me busy this afternoon, aside from getting my daughter through her school work. I will be so glad when we move on to the geometry and multiplication sections of her math book, because dragging her through 3+ digit subtraction with borrowing is tedious and painful. She knows how to do it, but doesn't like it. Hey, that sounds might familiar. *rolls eyes at self* Ya gotta do what ya gotta do though. I need to remember to practice what I preach.

We've been getting a good amount of snow today, and it ran through my mind that maybe I should stay home from the gym this evening. Then, I remembered the cashews, whoppers, and mini bagel with cream cheese that I ate yesterday. Oh yeah. Yup, I need to go to the gym, even if it means hiking uphill in the snow, barefoot, both ways. *chuckles* Thankfully, all I have to do is drive on some mushy roads and try not to slide into cars and snow piles. Besides, maybe other people have decided that it's too messy outside to go to the gym, and I can exercise with relative ease. There's nothing like trying to workout, but see that everyone in the city is at the gym right during your workout time. *sigh* I don't exactly resent the resolutioners, but I sure wish that they would be resolved on different days of the year- and not all at the same time. I want everyone to succeed, but maybe not take every single bike and treadmill in the place- you know? It would be much easier for everyone if folks came back to the gym a little at a time, instead of all trying to workout at once, just for January and February.

I decided to make at-home workouts new and exciting for me, for those days when I really can't get to the gym. Sometimes there is just no working around the fact that DH is on-call 24/7. His boss doesn't care if I need to hit the treadmill. *laughs* So, I bought some videos today! I got Jillian Michaels' '30 Day Shred' and The Biggest Loser "Cardio Max" and "Weight Loss Yoga". They were pretty cheap on Amazon, and I got free shipping for getting them all together. Now, I can get my butt kicked at home! Let's hope that I can do the yoga video without falling on my head, because I've never done anything like that before... and I'm not the most graceful person. At least I admit it. *wink*


TJ said...

I'm like you with the wanting what others are having. I hate it too! I'm slowly changing what snacks they can have in the house.

I love The Shred! Hope you will too. I've never tried yoga, but would like to.

Bee said...

I'm the same way too. I get resentful that other people are eating what I want to be eating and then I damn it all to hell and eat it myself too. I am trying to work to get over that.

I also hear you about the math. My son is a year ahead in math and it's catching up to him. He used to love it and now it's a tedious task. It doesn't help that math is my least favorite subject. Ugh.

hannah katherine said...

haha, your comment cracked me up!don't worry about the extra food, you'll burn it off....and i love teh shred, too!!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I don't have a problem with eating different things than others, but my hubby starts getting all crazy that I am turning into a short order cook or something. While all three of us are on weight loss plans ( Weight Watchers) not all three of us have the same points per day and I keep forgetting my body's reaction to carbs.I also have an allergy to fish and shellfish, and they love the stuff. The allergy just appeared out of no where, but I still love and even crave fish and seafood. i rather enjoy breathing though, so i can watch them eat it without getting wiggy about it. perhaps if you think that you have a serious allergy to chocolate or hydrogenated fat or such it could help.

And math...we shall not speak it's name here. One word-ALGEBRA. Which has only been followed by its evil twin CALCULUS . My homeschooler is in high school.

Angie All The Way said...

Shred will kick your butt if you want it to! I can't wait to hear what you think of the BL Yoga video cause I'm thinking about getting it if you guys like it :-)