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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Foods

Meal 1:
42 g. Kashi "Honey Sunshine" cereal
4 oz. Almond Breeze

Meal 2:
35 g. Chicken breast, cooked with hot sauce
8 oz. (raw) baby portabello mushrooms, roasted
5.75 oz. (raw) yellow squash, roasted

Meal 3:
1 c. coffee w/ 1 tsp. caramel syrup
2 hard granola bars
1 Turkey hotdog, bun, catsup, & mustard
7 oz. green beans

29 g. Whoppers
28 g. unsalted peanuts

Meal 4:
2 c. Homemade Turkey Chili
1 c. coffee w/ 1 tsp. creamer
3 pieces dark chocolate

Running Total: 1,398 calories

Oh.... wow. It's already 3:30 p.m. and I've only eaten 344 calories! I'm starting to feel a twinge of panic, just a little one. How am I going to get in all of those calories that I should eat? I'd love a wee treat, but that is only a tiny bit of crap, less than 200 calories. The rest, I have to get from my healthy food, and my stomach won't hold it! It's so easy to eat a lot of calories when it's all pizza, donuts, and the sort. It's not quite as easy when eating healthy foods, minus half a cow. Have I trained my body to be this way? I eat two cups of healthy, vegetable laden turkey chili, and then I feel stuffed. How do I eat more substantial things when I eat what I like, and there doesn't seem to be room for anything more?

Ok, maybe I shouldn't have eaten the whole carton of mushrooms. They were extremely yummy though, and I can't let them sit for more than a day. I have a phobia of store-bought mushrooms, thanks to more than one occasion of food poisoning. I love the mushrooms, but for me they are like eating sole fish. Is it prepared just right? *sinister music in the background* So, since the mushrooms looked good last night, I removed them from their plastic wrapping as quickly as possible and cooked them first thing today. So far, I think that they were good, since I haven't gotten sick yet. I should be ok.


7:47 pm

Ok, so it's nearly 8 o'clock and I am behind. I don't think that I'm making the 1,900 calories today. Maybe it will be alright, since I'm not working out real hard today. I'll get a few more calories in though. I think that a bowl of homemade turkey chili is calling my name. Since DH didn't like all of the veggies in it, and Pumpkin thought it was a little too spicy, there is a lot of chili for me to eat. Whatever I don't get eaten by tomorrow evening, I'm going to put in the freezer.

I tried unsalted peanuts this evening, and they were good. I was curious about whether I would like them, since I've always had the salted ones. Since I know that I don't miss the salt, I'll just buy these unsalted ones from now on. I was really shocked to find out that the majority of my salt intake was from my canned green beans! I had been completely unaware of how much salt was in there. I'm going to check the freezer section, the next time I am at the store, to see if there is a better option to be found there. Frozen green beans would probably be better for me anyway, and easier to portion out.


Sue said...

Salt has been a problem for me too! When I went out the other night and had dinner at an italian place, the shrimp dish I got was made w/ proscuitto ham, and though there was very little ham in the whole dish, you could tell it made it extremely salty. I can see from my ankles that I am still holding a little fluid from that dinner on Thursday night!!