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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gettin' Excited!

The BLBE2 is getting ready to start on the the 11th, and I am all geeked! I really love challenges. I guess that it helps me feel like I've got some company on this journey of better health. My husband is wonderful, but he tends to do things like talk about junk food all of the time. I'll be talking myself into being content with my leftover cup of coffee, and he will be chowing on corn chips and telling me how much he really wants a Whopper or a Big Mac. It's enough to make a gal cry, you know?

I just love to talk with folks who know what it is like to voluntarily choose cucumbers over corn chips, and are learning to be real happy about it.

One of the things that is so exciting about joining a challenge is that there is that added booth of motivation. While trying my hardest to help my team, my team will end up helping me by giving me that extra push that I need when I start to feel a little tired by the daily work of it all. I can stand to lose up to 58 lbs. along this journey of mine.(I couldn't lose any more though. That number is on the lowest end of my healthy weight range.) It would be a big help if I could knock some of that off during the 16 weeks of the BLBE2 challenge. I anticipate that it might get a little harder as time goes by, since weight doesn't come off as easily as you get closer to goal. I should do pretty well for 16 weeks though.