Current Happenings

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happenings & Dumping Fatties

I am not getting all of my calories in today. Last night, I started up with an upset belly, and it has continued on into today. So, I am giving my insides a rest today, and I am sticking to a mostly liquid diet. I feel like I'm pushing it to even force down liquids, but I've got to have something. I don't feel really sick, just like I'm having some distress in my digestive system. If I am feeling better later, I have some yogurt and heartier soups that I can eat.

Since I won't be eating much today, I'm going to refrain from any heavy exercise also. I still have my housework to get done, and I may leisurely walk on my glider, if I feel up to doing it. I'm just not going to go too fast or lift weights. Some people can do all of that stuff while running on empty, but I'm not one of them.

Other than weird stomach issues, today is a beautiful day! I slept in because my stupid cats were playing all through the night, and getting into stuff. I'm a real light sleeper, so it wreaked me. I didn't stay in bed too long though, because I still needed to get Pumpkin fed and doing her homework.

It is so pretty outside today that I may just go for a little walk outside. The snow is only a couple of inches deep, but we are being flooded with sunshine. I'd like to get me some of that. Winter is always hard for me and the continual battle against depression because of the lack of sunlight.

Dumping Fat Friends

I was watching Neil Cavuto on Fox News yesterday, and Meme Roth was on there talking about fat friends. Quite frankly, I found the interview to be downright hilarious, because Neil is always making little comments about how much he likes cannolis. He is a little bit of a chubster, and I think he's adorable. So, Meme comes on there and is saying how it is in a person's best interest to get rid of their fat friends- and then her message abruptly starts to change.

Maybe she felt my eyeballs shooting deadly laserbeams at her through the tv. One can never know. Suddenly though, she started saying that it was alright to limit time with one's fat friends, and then that even changed to maybe not being near one another during meal times. *laughs* I admit to feeling like smacking her. Neil put her on the spot real bad, even asking her what she would do if her fat friends were the best people in the world, but all of her skinny friends were not such great people. Or, what if your friends happen to be linebackers who pack it away, but it just isn't good for you to do so. Oh, I was just rolling on the floor with glee... on the inside.

You see, I've been on both sides of the issue. I've been the skinny gal with bigger friends. I am now the bigger gal with .... oh wait. That's right. I'm the bigger gal with all bigger friends! *lol* It's not that we group together, but that the only close friends that I have tend to be family members. Them ladies are all having babies, working off their weight, then having more babies. It's all good, and no one is just sitting around making excuses as to why they really want a whole box of cookies more than to lose some weight. (Ok, I do actually do that sometimes. I guess that makes me the truly fat friend.)

So, since I'm the only one not gestating or working off the baby weight, that makes me the only gal in my circle who is honestly just a "fat friend". Should they dump me? Do I somehow lose all of my good qualities because I sometimes eat one too many slices of pizza, or because I'll eat cookies at night when no one is paying attention? To be perfectly honest, I probably have better eating habits now than my more slender friends. I don't eat a bunch of junk in front of other people, causing them to want to join in the merry fatness.

I don't know. What struck me the most is that if you are willing to dump someone because they eat more and you feel tempted to eat more, it isn't the "fat friend" who has the bigger problem. On the other hand, maybe people like Meme Roth don't have as high a standard as I do for whom they will call a friend. We've lost the useage of the term 'aquaintence' somewhere in our society. Now, everyone that we don't implicitly hate is called a friend. Since I don't hate anyone, I guess I have a few billion friends!! It's all a little bit of ridiculousness. If someone is willing to stop spending time with me because they fear that my fat is contagious, then they aren't truly my friend. End of story.