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Friday, January 30, 2009

I Forgot

Uh, yeah... I forgot how strenuous "rowing" on the erg can be. It's amazing how that happens! lol It's something like how we women have babies, and then actually want to do it again after the immediate pain of it all is gone.

I had though, "Oh, I can pedal like a mad freak on the bike for an hour. I'm sure that I can row for that long too!"

Nope. Stupid idea.

Alright, so my first time back on the beast I managed to pull 12.8 miles in 30 minutes. I hope that is somewhat good, because I can't remember. I was having a hard time trying to gauge just how vigorous that is, because FitDay generally shows me no love in how they calculate calories burned. If you're going to ask me whether it is 'vigorous' or 'very vigorous', shouldn't there be some kind of measure for it? I did as much calculating and investigating as I could, and I think that it comes in at "very vigorous".

The erg sure showed me some weakness in my legs, that is for sure. Since I have crooked legs and arthritis in my right knee, I'm at a disadvantage with any motion that has me in a full squat position. I had a horse rear up and fall over on me when I was a teenager, and I had to have surgery on my right knee after that. From that point on, I've had this weak spot in my range of motion. I was feeling that distinct lack of power at the beginning of the stroke, but was still able to complete each motion with clean movements and at a good pace. Hopefully, using the erg will help me to possibly rebuild a little strength back, or at least as much as I'm ever going to gain. Still, I am very proud of myself for doing something so physically difficult (given my joint issues) for a half hour, and doing it well.

I am going to have to work on finishing a little stronger in subsequent workouts. I noticed that my form was great for the first 20 minutes, and then I started getting sloppy as I became tired. No one would notice a thing about it, but I knew that my hands weren't where they should have been to clear an oar from the water, or pull strong through the water. I'd rather have good form be burned into my body, so I do it automatically. It reminds me of what Angie was saying about Jillian's shred video- how she was urging "you" to really put the effort in and not just go through the motions to get through gym time.

The scale was sitting at 201 this morning, though it was flirting with 200.5 . Sometimes I wish that I had a more sensitive scale, just so I don't have to wonder if I've got my weight balanced on both feet properly, and how that might affect my number. It's a mite frustrating. I do have a doctor's scale though, and maybe I should bring that up from the basement. It's just hard to find a good place for it, because it is too big to fit in the bathroom. Anyway, I'm not surprised that the scale hasn't moved any more, because I am working out too late at night. That means that I'm also drinking a lot of water before bed, and having some kind of protein snack. Ugh. I have got to find a way to change up the schedule that I've fallen into. Because I don't get to bed until 12:30 a.m. or so, I sleep in later in the morning also. None of this is really working for me.

On a more cheerful note, I was able to hit the grocery store last night! Yay! Now I have a new round of vegetables for this next week. I even gave in and bought a few pieces of fruit, since everyone seems to think that I need some. *laughs* I bought three different kinds of pears, and I'm going to see if I can tell the difference between their tastes. I could even split the huge granny smith apple that Pumpkin picked out, but they are just too tart for me. They make my face squish up. I thought that DH's eyes were going to pop out of his head when he scanned the red bell peppers that I bought though. Holy cow, they were $2 each! So, I'm going to roast them and love them like nothing has ever tasted better in the world, and then I'm not going to buy any more of them. *chuckles*

Since I have so many yummy things, I am going to poke around on recipezaar and see if I can find a healthy way to roast my baby portabellas and my red bells. I'm having broccoli with eggs and light gravy, but don't make a face- it tastes far better than it sounds. The broccoli is fewer calories than a bread, offers more fiber, and is more filling. I'll probably also have a bunch of gravy to suppliment the Healthy Choice frozen dinner that I picked out as a treat. I love fake salisbury steak funky meat blobs. I can't help it. I'll eat that if I can get enough of my green beans eaten, because I opened the giant bulk can that I had bought. Hey- when you eat vegetables by the pound, sometimes it helps to just get them in one big container.

Alrighty, I'm off to find recipes!