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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just Call Me "Stumpy"

I can't determine whether my legs have just fallen off, or whether they have turned into little trees. If they are indeed oak, I'm sure that I've sprouted roots. My legs feel immovable. *laughs* It's actually a good feeling.

My sister and I met up at the gym, though she was a little late. Late! The guy at the counter made conversation with me while I waited. I had to explain to him that I couldn't start my warm-up without her, because that would make her grumpy. I just like us starting at the same time, even if it means standing around like a dust bunny for a few minutes. Maybe it was to pass the time, but he started singing for me. *laughs* It was the most ridiculous falsetto voice, paired with awful music, which equals incredibly funny. I can tell that he gets bored, working alone at the counter all day.

When Sis showed up, we hit the bikes because everything else was full. I wanted a treadmill so bad, but it just wasn't happening. So, I made my wooden legs move in a circle for 27 minutes. It was supposed to be 30 minutes, but after Sis set her timer thing, I had to adjust the straps on the pedals. There's nothing so wonderful as loosing a pedal and having it whack ya. I did manage to get in 7 miles in that 27 minutes, which isn't bad considering that I was groaning when settling myself onto the seat to begin with.

After our bike time was up, Sis needed to go and sit in the locker room for a minute. She was feeling a little nauseated, and so I went to the mat to stretch once I knew that she was going to be alright. Then, once she was feeling better, I poked her and made her lift weight with me.

We stopped and worked outer and inner thighs first, and I put my usual 4 plates on. I need to up the weight though, because it was so easy that I almost couldn't control the weight. It didn't feel like I had any resistance at all. Then we went over to squat some weight, and Sis said that she couldn't do it. So, I asked her to count for me. I decided to work with as much weight as I could, that didn't feel like it was hurting. If I remember correctly, that was about 6 plates. I wish I knew how heavy that was, but they aren't labeled. I'll have to ask my buddy at the counter about that some time. It's easy to see improvement when I'm there, but that doesn't translate into numbers very well at home.

Having done enough lower body, we moved on. I hit the bench press after Sis, and she fussed at me a bit. She called me a "show off" for pushing 6 plates, while she did her sets with 1 plate. What am I supposed to do? Fake it? Pretend that I'm getting a good workout at lower weight levels to make her feel better? I'm sure that's not what she meant, but it bothered me that she would say that I was showing off. I just want to be strong, and look strong. The first time I ever lifted weights, I pressed 125 # on the bench. Why would I ever want to be content with putting up 20# or so? Anyway, I skipped the butterfly because of a previous injury to my sternum. I have to be incredibly careful with that motion, lest I hurt myself again. Instead, I went on to the seated row and lifted 6 plates. For all of my exercises, I made it really simple for myself and did 3 sets of 10.

When we were done with all of that stuff, we hit the mat and did 100 crunches. Sis doesn't like the way that I do crunches, apparently. She does hers slower, and does fewer of them. I don't think that I do mine that fast though! I just don't dilly-dally around. I also don't put my hands behind my head, because I don't want to even accidentally pull on my neck. I reach my arms out in front of me and reach for the wall. It gives me somewhere to put my arms, and it gives me a parallel point to tighten my pelvis up toward. I did get in all 100, even though Sis was overcome with a fit of laughter. She cracks me up sometimes. :o )


Bee said...

Hey Stumpy. =) Good job on getting the gym and getting your workout in. I hope the feeling comes back to your legs soon.

Kud said...

Yaay. Sounds amazing--your workout that is> I think your sister might have said you were showing off because she was a little jealous. I would be a little envious if my sister was a lot more fit than I was. But don't take it personally...Take it as a compliment.

karen said...

Dang girl ... I'm exhausted just READING about your workout! I did 7 1/2 minutes on my Rock N Roll Stepper tonight (one of those fun little infomerical doo-dads) and it almost killed me. My calorie burn wasn't REAL impressive fom it, but my legs are burning all the way from here to there! That's gotta count for something, right?