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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lifting Me, Dropping Carbs

I did things a bit differently today, and I think that I'm pretty happy with how the day has gone. I wasn't sure what my game plan was as I was shuffling through the kitchen this morning, getting breakfast on the table. Since Pumpkin wanted cereal, I poured her some Raisin Bran, and I poured myself a serving of Kashi "Honey Sunshine". This is the second morning that I've had the Kashi cereal, and I seem to like it more each time. I hope that it won't be difficult for me to find at the store when I go next. Shopping for healthier foods can be like that for me, which can be frustrating. Every time I start to like something, the store stops carrying it. lol

This afternoon, I spent some time looking for better nutritional information pertaining to building muscle. There seems to be very little information out there that is geared toward women who want to sculpt their bodies. Everything seemed to point me at female bodybuilding sites (which are helpful), but they were smutty. Ugh. Why is it that all of the female bodybuilding sites include a bunch of webcam links and such for "adults"? Where are the normal women who sculpt and build their bodies?

Getting my bottom out of my chair, I got in my workout while Pumpkin was doing some independent science reading. Man, I am feeling the squats. I had forgotten how long it's been since I've done any. It was also humbling to try the Australian Pull-ups, as I could only do three. Granted, I had already done my standing rows, so my muscles were pretty tired. It is also hard trying to pull up that much of my own body weight, but it was still hard to swallow that my limit was three.

DH wanted hamburgers tonight, so we cooked together this evening. DH found a site that had instructions on how to make a pseudo-McDonald's hamburger, and that is what we did. Since I was cutting back on the carbs, I had my burger wrapped in lettuce. DH was wonderfully happy with the hamburgers though. Later this evening, I did have to suppliment my diet with a snack. I made a lettuce tuna wrap with tuna and light ranch dressing, and chased it with a stick of string cheese. Though I haven't eaten as much today, I feel much more satisifed than I have been lately. It feels good to be getting ready for bed, and not wanting to gnaw my own arm off. lol

Well, I had better get myself off to said bed. It's going to be interesting to test my muscles tomorrow, after having used them a bit today. Good night, blog!