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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Weigh-In Log

There is something good to be said for keeping a weigh-in log. At least, that is what I'm finding. I was updating it this evening, and I realize that I have been on a plateau since my weigh-in on January 6th. Let me show you what I have...

  • December 23, 2008:203.5
  • December 30, 2008:206
  • January 6, 2009: 202
  • January 13, 2009: 201
  • January 20, 2009: 200.5
  • January 27, 2009: 202
So, I basically lost 4 lbs. from the end of December through the first week of January. From that point though, I've been playing with the same couple of pounds. Heh. That is, coincidentally, the very same time when I started exercising 4-5 days per week. I'm not exactly sure how to feel about that. I *think* that maybe it isn't a bad thing. I know that I've had a couple days here and there where I've eaten a bit too much, but I have been 80% "on plan", if I had to guess a percentage. I've been eating very well, Whoppers aside.

I'm not really sure what to do to push through this flat point. I've increased my exercise, and the scale is going UP, not down. I'm praying that it is all muscle. I do wonder how long I can keep at this though, before the scale will start to move downward again. In the meantime, I'm trying to stay optimistic. I'll just say that this is my body, trying to make sure that my skin still fits when I'm smaller, because I don't want to be all flappy and wrinkled up before I even turn 30.

If anyone has any decent ideas, I'm open to talking through them. I try to eat plenty of protein and fiber, and not cut my fat down too low. (I like having hair on my head.) My fat intake is about 30% of my diet. I eat lean meats 90% of the time. I try to keep my carbs moderate, but can't cut them too low because I start feeling nauseated and sick if I do. My averate stats are:

Edit: Adding on some pertinent information!

I really do eat vegetables. *laughs* I am at the tail end of my groceries though, and I ate the rest of my non-starchy vegetables yesterday. Since I couldn't go to the store, I just made due with what I had. As a norm though, I eat a lot of vegetables.

You know, about the fruits though- I just don't eat much fruit. I don't really know why that is. There are only a couple of fruits that I enjoy, and they aren't in season right now. So, I just stick to vegetables, unless you count my tomatoes. I eat a lot of those, and they are technically fruits. lol

There are some days when I eat saltier foods than others, and that could be a problem. I try to drink more water on those days, but I don't know how much that helps. I just figure that if I'm craving salt that bad, there is probably a reason for it. It could have something to do with all of the sweat pouring off of me at the gym. I don't know!

For those who have made note of my protein levels, all I have to say is that I might otherwise eat a horse... and they are protein too. *laughs* I have learned some important things about how I feel when I modify my diet, and it is that I will be going on an eating rampage if I don't have a satisfying amount of protein. As a general rule, I tend to eat about 1-2 lbs. of vegetables in a day (explains why I ran out. lol), but have to pair it with steady amounts of protein. To off-set the carbs, I don't generally eat bread products or potatoes on the same days that I am eating larger amounts of non-starchy vegetables. I notice that I tend to eat more bread products or potatoes on days when I am out of non-starchy vegetables, and I'm trying not to let my carbs get too low. If I get too low on carbs, I start to feel sick. It's a weird balance to try and strike.

All in all, I posted today's foods on my blog for me, and not to show y'all what I tend to eat. One day is a rather poor representation of overall nutrition. I just wanted to be able to easily see everything at a glance, particularly because I was trying to time my meals a certain way so I could survive the gym. lol

There is a good chance that I am probably eating too few calories on average. To be honest though, I'm not really sure where my calories should be while I'm working out this hard. My time at the gym seems to have really changed the game for me, and I don't know where I should be shooting for. I'm particularly confused about what my nutritional needs are as far as the weight-lifting is concerned, but I'm having little luck in finding good information. I might look into talking with a nutritionist, but they also seem to be all of a different mind, depending on who you talk to. I really just need some kind of baseline that I can begin to work with, and then modify depending on how my body feels.


Me, Only Better said...

Do you think it is possible that you aren't eating enough for how much you are working out? Maybe your body is in starvation mode? I am no expert, but I think if you are working out as much as you are you might need to eat more than 1200 calories a day? (Although I am not sure how many you are actually eating.) I just remember that one day that you "splurged" on a meal, and then you had a loss the next day.

Me, Only Better said...

Oh, I just went back and looked at the chart again, and I stand by my original opinion that you are likely not eating enough calories. (= So have a snack and see if that helps!

Angie All The Way said...

I think the MOB could be right! Isn't that crazy idea to accept though? I think she could be right though! Damn I wish that were my problem! Maybe try alternating higher calorie days with lower calorie ones and see where that takes you at the end of the week.

I have no doubt that some of it has to do with your muscles getting stronger too, but your body may also need a calorie boost (in a healthy way) to rev that metabolism where it wants to go to burn more fat. ?

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Ugh, I know that must be frustrating! You should feel proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished so far, though. The scale will cooperate, eventually.

Just took a look at your food intake on Wed.and you're pretty light in the fruit/veg area. You might want to make sure that you are getting enough servings of those guys. I find when I get my 5-7 servings, I lose a lot better. Just a thought!