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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, after kicking my own butt for about 45 minutes yesterday and getting in my 20 standing rows, I was back at it last night. While I was watching "The Biggest Loser", I decided to get a walk in. I kept moving for a little over 30 mins. before I decided that my calves needed to rest. They feel like they are cut from rock today!

Today is a day of rest for me. I am going to focus on drinking lots of water and eating moderate amounts of food. Instead of exercising, I'm going to do a lot of stretching today. Doing some massage on my calves couldn't hurt either, while I'm caring for my muscles.

What I'm not doing today is pushing myself. I'm going not weighing my food, nor putting it into fitday. I'm going to just take it easy, using my eyes and my brain when choosing meals. I'm going to space my meals by drinking plenty of water, and by only eating when I am truly hungry.

I'm getting in the word today, and will be spending a lot of time reading my bible. I'm going to take extra time in helping Pumpkin through her story-problems in math. All of the things that I tend to try and hurry through, I'm going to take my time with today. Then we are going to go to church this evening.

My goal for today is to gift myself with a day of true rest. I'm resting my mind by not fussing with numbers all day. I'm rest resting my body by caring gently for it, but still keeping it moving carefully through my daily chores. I'm resting my spirit in the Lord.

Tomorrow is another day, and I can be all fierce and determined then. Now is my time for quiet meditation and soothing all the facets of me.

Oh, and the scale still hasn't budged, not that I expected it to. It never seems to move so long as I am working real hard.


Losing Myself said...

Ahh, yes. We all need to have a day of rest occasionally. What a wonderful way to spend the day, in the Word and caring for the ones you love yourself included. I pray that it was as wonderful as you planned. GBY